We explore the intersection of science and mystery in the pursuit of human wholeness and joy. Our unique networked organizational structure makes it easier for us to collaborate with like-minded institutions.


  • We envision a world of fundamental connectedness, where diversity leads not to division but to creative excellence, where human intelligence is fully expressed in the integration of body, mind, and spirit. 
  • We operate three interdependent centers: the Center for Children's Spirituality, the Center for Restorative Practices, and the Center for Integrative Research.
  • Our programs will be grounded in Neuroscience and Complexity Science, while allowing for the mysteries and serendipities that reflect the wonders of human spirituality.
  • We serve a broad and diverse constituency of the religious, spiritual, and philosophical who seek a deeper level of wholeness. 
  • We emphasize both the theoretical and the practical aspects of human nature and spirituality in developing our programs and tending to the needs of our constituents.
  • We aspire to bring wisdom, self-awareness, healing, gratitude, and peace to those who seek it.
  • We want to engender a shift in cultural consciousness, to help those who have means become more oriented toward "the other" and more compassionate, empathetic, and selfless.
  • We hope to build a new sense of community in our midst, where fear is replaced by trust, violence by patience, and greed by generosity.