Branford needs new leadership blood!

Our town boasts a vibrant civic life and engaged community, with:

A strong Representative Town Meeting, varied civic and cultural organizations, and a non-profit community that includes a critically important social safety net.

But the leadership of these critical organizations needs to be backstopped by new energy and ideas from the next generation of civic minded citizens.

So, Branford needs an entirely new leadership initiative, which identifies tomorrow’s leaders and equips them with the most important skills.

The leadership course, which will be taught by Rev. Sharon Gracen, a co-founder of the Center and Peter Schuller, Senior Fellow at the Center for Integrated Research, will start in early May, 2017.

Week 1—Exploring the Millennial Mindset

Week 2—The Neuroscience of Leadership

Week 3—The Spirituality of Leadership and Communities

Week 4—Leadership in Civic Organizations and Communities

Week 5—Ethics and Leadership

Week 6—Open Conversation on Leadership in Branford

With this initiative, 

The Community will benefit from a new wave of civic leaders, the ideas of a new generation, and sustained energy for non-profits.

The Participants will gain new levels of self-awareness, insights into human behavior, new leadership skills, and useful networking opportunities.

And Organizations will benefit from employees with heightened levels of awareness, curiosity, focus, commitment, and ethics.