Dedicated to nurturing and engaging our natural capacity for curiosity, wonder, and awe in all things.

At TIANS we believe that education and insight into the workings of the brain and understanding our emotional responses provide instruments for thriving and flourishing.

Education is the wellspring for individual growth and self-knowledge. We endeavor to nurture, through our educational programs, teachings that promote wisdom and compassion.

Integrating wisdom and compassion in education ensures that students encounter approaches to teaching and learning that include the whole child through affective and reflective learning.

Talking circles allow each person to both speak and listen from the heart.

What we do:

Working in partnership with teachers, families, and communities to facilitate the implementation of mindfulness and restorative practice programs within school, home, and community settings. For more information email Jen Zehler.






How we do it:

In each class we practice mindfulness skills, movement, and enjoy stories that help us to manage our emotions and build friendships. One way of describing mindfulness is to pay attention to what is happening in the present moment with kindness and curiosity. Restorative circles and practices help to support the cultivation of community and foster safe learning environments for children and teachers.