Dedicated to nurturing and engaging our children's natural spirituality.

What we do:

Working in partnership with teachers, families, and communities to facilitate the implementation of mindfulness and restorative practice programs within school, home, and community settings. These programs cultivate a way of being that support healthy relationships with ourselves, others, and the world, in order to thrive and flourish amid the stressors of the 21st. century. For more information email Jen Zehler.






How we do it:

In each class we practice mindfulness skills, movement, and enjoy stories that help us to manage our emotions and build friendships. We also learn a lot about our brains! Mindfulness means paying attention to the present moment with kindness and curiosity. When we practice mindfulness it helps us in many ways. Research has shown that when children learn mindfulness skills it helps them to pay attention, regulate their emotions, manage stress, and develop healthy friendships. Restorative circles and practices help to support the cultivation of community and foster safe learning environments for children and teachers. 

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