First the Bang, unimaginably hot;

After, in the cooling void, a sea of seething energy;

The universe begins its computation.

Quanta, dancing in and out of formless fields, not yet points in space;

Then, finally, from limitless possibility, a set of boundaries

Four dimensions of space and time, a platform for emergent order.

And in the never-ending waltz between chaos and order,

A time and place for life, evolution, humanity;

A time and place for the common experience

Of spiritual beings sharing the uniqueness of creative expression

The universe computes

Information, self-organization, networked communication

Endless creativity, within limitless possibility.

But not free—spirit bounded by self-organization still needs focus,

The discipline to understand and direct its energies,

The courage of its convictions, within the great well of mystery  

Peter A. Schuller